Access the Office 365 Portal for email Outlook Web App (OWA)

How to Access the Office 365 Portal for email Outlook Web App (OWA)

Access the Portal by using a browser and typing the following web
Sign in with your and type in your password in the
password field (this is the same as your G-suite password).

Tip: Save the portal address as a bookmark for future use in IE or
Firefox Select the Star icon to the right of the Address Bar, Add to


Once signed into the Portal, a screen will display showing icons for all the different
applications you have access to use.

Add Account 1

Access Outlook by either selecting the Outlook link in the blue Office 365 toolbar at the
top of the screen or by selecting the Outlook icon that is located in the middle of the

Setting Up Outlook for First Time Use

The language preference and the time zone will need to be set before one can access and use
The setup screen in Outlook for language and time zone.

Click on the down arrow for each field and select the appropriate information. For example,
English for Language and Mountain Time for Colorado Time Zone.
Click on Save when finished.
After the language and time zone has been set up, Outlook will display the Inbox and the
application is now ready to use.

Tools Available in Outlook

In the upper right corner of the screen, the following tools are available to use:

  • The Outlook icon is used to read and compose email. The new email quota is 50 GB.
  • The Calendar icon is used to schedule meetings and/or events.
  • The People icon is used to store and create contacts.
    • Contacts include personal contacts and the Thom Browne Global Address List
  • The Task icon is used to create an item that you track until its completion.

OneDrive is an online cloud storage service from Microsoft. The OneDrive quota
is 1 TB. OneDrive can also be used as a way to share files with other users.

The Person icon in Office 365

The Person icon in the Office 365 toolbar is used to:

  • Edit information About Me
  • Sign out
  • Edit My Settings

The Gear icon in Office 365

Add Account 1

The Gear icon in Office 365 is context sensitive. Meaning, if you have Outlook as the active
tool and then click on the Gear icon, options for Outlook will appear. If Calendar is the active
tool, then only calendar options will display when the Gear icon is selected.

Compose an Email

Compose a new email by selecting the Plus sign
next to New Mail

By default, the Outlook screen display will change to show your inbox in the left navigation pane,
your messages in the middle navigation pane, and the message to be composed in the right
navigation pane.

Position the cursor in the To: field and type or search for the end user’s email address.

The Personal Address book and/or the TB Global Address List (GAL) can be accessed by
clicking on the Plus icon to the right of the To: field.

Search for a user in the GAL or your personal address book by positioning the cursor in the
Search people field and typing in part or all of the user’s name. Select the email address
from the search results.

Tip: The Bcc option is turned off by default. To display the Bcc: field select the Gear icon and
select Options.

From the options window, expand the Layout option, select Message Format.
Next, select the check box for Always show
Bcc and/or Always show From

Email Attachments

Attach files to any email being composed by selecting the Insert link at the top of the message
window and selecting Attachments or OneDrive files. Browse your computer and select the
file to attach.

Reading Pane

There are different display options for the reading pane. Options include show reading pane on
the right, which is the default; show reading pane at the bottom of the window; or hide the
reading pane. To change the display of the reading pane, select the Gear icon,
Options, Reading Pane.

Email Signature

Create and set the email signature by selecting the Outlook icon and then the Gear Icon,
Options: Once in the Options menu, select Email Signature and type in the signature to be
Tip: Be sure to check the box to automatically include my signature on messages I send or you
will have to manually insert the signature from the Insert attachment icon..

Send Message/Discard Message

Select the Send icon when ready to send the
email. Press the Discard icon to delete the

Other Options

Other email options such as Save, Show From, Set Importance, Switch to Plain text appear in
the eclipse (three little dots) option to the right of the Send/Discard/Insert menu.

Delete and Junk Folder Retention

The Junk folder will hold items for 30 days before it is deleted. To empty the Junk folder, right
Click the mouse on the folder and select Empty Folder.
The Delete folder will hold items for 30 days before items are automatically deleted. To empty
the Delete folder, right-click the mouse on the folder and select Empty Folder.
Tip: When items are deleted from the Delete Folder, they will move to a Recovery folder. The
items in the Recovery folder will delete after 14 days.