Clearview Global will provide your business with dependable low voltage and structured cabling.

Clearview Global provides superior, enterprise solutions for scalability. Installing low-voltage cabling solutions requires more than just lining up some wires. We start each project by examining your facility and helping you figure out the right cabling system for your business. This includes designing the perfect layout and picking the right equipment for maximum efficiency, reliability and security. Once we have the plan for your low-voltage cabling solution, our qualified technicians will install the equipment and test it to ensure complete integration with your current systems.

What Is Low Voltage Wiring?​​

Low voltage wiring transmits electricity and data connectivity over copper using less than 24volts. it is used for data networks, alarm & access control systems, telephone, audio visual, Cameras, wireless access points and any device that requires a physical uplink.

Why Do I Need It?

Low voltage wiring is the cornerstone of the modern-day work force. Data connectivity empowers businesses to get online and produce a greater output with reduced intervention. It is a valuable consideration point to think about before moving into a new space; we can also add additional functionality to your existing space to boost the productivity of your business.

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