How to Reshare One Drive documents

How to Reshare One Drive documents

  1. Access the Portal by using a browser and typing the following web
    Sign in with your and type in your password in the
    password field (this is the same as your G-suite password).

2. Once signed into the Portal, a screen will display showing icons for all the different
applications you have access to use.

3. Select the One Drive icon, to access the One Drive menu. From the OneDrive menu, you can access your files, under the “My files” on the menu on the left. In addition, you can view all your shared files, under the “Shared” on the menu on left.

4. To re-share a document, first select the file. Once selected, click the “Shared” option on the file.

In the Sharing menu you can, manage access to the files. To remove a user select the user and choose stop sharing.

5. To share access to the file, select the “+” Symbol under Direct access to grant a user access.

6. Enter recipient’s email in the address bar and access level.

7. Once the recipient email is added, simply hit the “grant access” to complete the sharing.