Protect from Cyber Threat and Stay Compliant with the Industries Best Practices

Finding technology that works for your business is a challenge, dealing with security concerns and industry regulations can prove to be a major roadblock in upgrading your technology stack. At Clearview,
we believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice efficiency to keep your data secure. As your technology provider, we build technology solutions that let your business experience the best of both worlds.

Identity Management

Better management starts with smarter tools, secure users within your network with an Identity Management solution from Clearview. Our team helps configure your network to leverage Azure Active Directory to authenticate your uses in the cloud and give a birds-eye view of all the accounts accessing your data.
  • Apply uniform standards and operating procedures
  • Enable multi-factor authentication to secure account access
  • Delegate admin permissions, such as password reset, to users
  • Single sign-on to automatically authenticate with thousands of apps

Backup & Recovery

In an increasingly digital world, the data you use every day is critical to your success. For that reason, it’s highly important to have a redundant storage solution in the event things go wrong. As a standard operating service, Clearview helps to configure your environment with a secure connection to the cloud and enables Azure backup for your workloads. With an Azure Backup solution you get:
  • Efficient, real-time synchronization of workloads to the cloud
  • Geo-redundant storage of backups spread across data centers
  • Delegate admin permissions, such as password reset, to users
  • Cost effective hosting that only charges you when your backups go live

Mobile Device Management

Empower users to be productive on the devices they prefer without compromising the security of company owned data. Clearview works alongside your team to develop custom individual and group policies tailored to your needs as an organization. Once applied to your business or employee owned computers, tablets and phones, administrators can enable:
  • Restricted access to company data based on device location
  • Forced PIN lock to secure access to devices
  • Delegate admin permissions, such as password reset, to users
  • Selective wipe of company data in case of theft or employee turnover

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