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Clearview Global is a New York based IT firm that services clients nationally. We combine the expertise and experience of large firms with the personal service and attention of a boutique firm. With our commitment to the finer details and a combination of technical expertise, Clearview Global can create the infrastructure your business needs for exceptional IT service solutions.

Now you can keep your office connected in no time with our reliable and effective digital and network management. With round the clock support and affordable IT services delivered by our leading technicians and engineers, we understand just what you need for seamless connectivity providing your business a competitive and professional edge.

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Our Services

Server & Network Support

Our engineers will support and maintain your servers and network infrastructure. With professional and dedicated solutions, we will monitor these devices in real-time. We pride ourselves on our quick response time and proactively staying ahead of any issues so you can focus on your day to day operations. Whether you need faster connection speeds or a complete network upgrade, we are here to make the process smooth, efficient, and affordable.

Low-voltage Wiring

We provide cabling solutions for new and existing facilities. Services include planning, installation, and maintenance for Voice, Data, Video, Fiber Optic, and ethernet connections, among other services. Please speak to our technicians for impeccable IT services tailored to meet your company needs.

VoIP Services

Clearview Global's phone system, managed through the cloud, eliminates on-site equipment and allows your devices to work together seamlessly without the cost of the traditional PBX system. Now you can create conference calls with precision, keep in touch with your employees cost-effectively and make or receive calls with greater accuracy and reliability.

Moving your Office - Need Infrastructure Support

Clearview Global works with you to understand your project needs. We can help any stage in the moving process. We understand the hassle and the costs in an office relocation; therefore, we offer a dedicated service with support for modern infrastructure at your new location. We can have your IT services up and running in no time at all.

We are the engine that power great Organizations- making them stronger more productive.

Clearview Global provides a full range of Technology services, customized to fit your Company’s unique need. We live on Technology’s cutting edge so you get the most powerful and efficient systems.

We can handle small and large projects. Whether it’s Installing your Low-Voltage needs or acting as your Full Service IT Department, we’re here to help your Company run smoothly.

Why Choose Clearview Global?

At Clearview Global, we believe in delivering advanced technologies to address the specific needs of businesses. Our IT experts continuously learn about the latest technology and go the extra mile to deliver faster, effective, and managed IT solutions your way. We believe in working with you to learn of your needs and provide the competitive advantage desired.

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