Entertainment & Hospitality

Entertainment & Hospitality

The entertainment & hospitality industry is indeed a battleground for attention. Your IT solution must be top-notch and constantly updated so you don’t get left behind. Responsive website and mobile application that can be accessed on the go. We understand your world and produce IT solution techniques that will help your business grow and succeed. We will design and implement technology platforms that will help you fully leverage the power of data science, big data, and AI.

IT managed services

Streamline your operations with innovative technologies.

The need to deliver a frictionless digital experience in the entertainment & hospitality industry has never been over-emphasized. Our IT managed services are designed to make your entire IT infrastructure efficient, reliable, and dependable. We will evaluate your system and design the right infrastructure, automation, and applications to ease manual and time-consuming tasks.

Point of Sales solutions

Speed up service and reduce risks

Are you experiencing data inconsistency or high costs? Having difficulty tracking guests’ journeys? Clearview has got you covered. Manage all key processes: reservations, retail sales check-ins, check-outs, and spa bookings with state-of-the-art IT solutions equipped with hospitality-specific functionality. Simplify your business environment and deliver a superior customer experience with our unified software solutions.

Clear communication

One of the keys to success in any industry is effective communication. Boost customer loyalty and retention rate with compelling emails. Our email campaigns are targeted at the right audience, converting potential leads to returning clients. We will evaluate your business and choose the most powerful email platform that provides the most value for your business.

Expanded team

Solving hospitality staffing woes.

In the midst of a labor shortage, hoteliers need to utilize every tool at their disposal in hiring, training, and retaining employees. With our dedication and effort to understand your needs, we will help you find the right staffing solutions that attract the finest of candidates in the industry. Develop a goal-oriented timeline to help you generate excellent prospective candidates.

Custom Software

Problem-driven software solutions
We are your one-stop IT solutions provider fully equipped with the skills, experience, and resources to build unique software solutions for the entertainment and hospitality industry. Our offerings are designed to meet the changing demands and unique requirements of your businesses.

Whether you want to build an application from scratch or overhaul your existing IT infrastructure, we will act as your guide.

IT Infrastructure

Get a centralized view of your business.

Our team of IT consultants will work closely with your non-profits to develop a strategic approach for data collection; integrate systems to eliminate data entry, and implement IT centric strategy that allows for effective collaboration across departmental lines.

Since its inception in 2009, CLEARVIEW GLOBAL has been committed to assisting customers to get the most out of IT by investing in the proper infrastructure, hiring the greatest people, learning the latest technologies, and collaborating with the right vendors.